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Bangkok Organic Food Delivery with Villa Market

Whether you are looking for organic vegetable delivery in Bangkok or simply looking to see what kind of organic food is available in Thailand, Villa Market is your best source. We work through the entire value chain of farming to find the farmers who follow advanced organic farming methods in Thailand. Sourcing fresh organic produce is one of our passions and we want to share our discoveries with you.

Organic, Healthy and Clean

Eating organic food is a commitment that you make to protect the ecosystem. Organic produce is different from regular produce because the farmers that grow this produce do not use synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides, GMO seeds and other man-made products to grow the crops.

Organic food is grown as nature intended it and farmers have to work even harder to make sure the produce grows properly. The pros outweigh the cons because organic farms do less harm to the environment and the organic food you eat will not contain traces of pesticides or harmful chemicals. This cleaner and more ethical source of food is the best way to advocate for better farming conditions and more ethical practices.

Another important fact that we’d like to share is that organic produce and organic products are both available at Villa Market. Most people believe that organic food is limited to fruits, vegetables and other produce but organic products can be made from this produce. So choose organic products over regular products when possible and your organic footprint will only grow larger.

Our range of organic produce in Thailand is second to none. Choose from local vegetables that you need in everyday cooking and order them home for delivery. Organic variants of broccoli, sweet potato, lettuce, spinach, onion and potato are available at Villa Market. Make a lovely salad or use any of these to make other dishes you might enjoy.

We also have a range of exotic vegetables to choose from such as kale, rocket leaves, bok choi, zucchini and daikon to name a few. These veggies can make any meal more tantalizing and interesting. Be sure to check this page for different seasonal vegetables throughout the year as we change our stock often.

Organic products in Bangkok are rarely given a second thought but buying these products can make a huge difference. At Villa Market, we stock all kinds of organic products such as organic yoghurt, ice cream, different kinds of milk and even cheese. Not only are these products organic but they are delicious as well! Browse through the organic products and try some out today!