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Gluten Free Food in Bangkok

It's the 21st century and at Villa Market, we believe that gluten-free food in Bangkok should be available to all. We understand that gluten-free food is not a fad diet or a new way to lose weight, it is a legitimate lifestyle change that is important for the health of some people.

There are many levels and factors that affect gluten sensitivity, some people might be facing gluten intolerance or even celiac disease but if they are sure about this condition then they need to act immediately to ensure that their long-term health is not compromised. Overall gut health, mood, inflammation and so many other factors could be affected by gluten, so once you have understood your status through a diagnosis by your physician, browse through our list of gluten-free food products for delivery and order to your heart’s content without worrying about the effects it might have on you.

Gluten Free Heaven

When most people understand that their lifestyle needs to change because of gluten sensitivity, this news is met with unhappiness and a bleak outlook. This is no longer has to be the case because a gluten-free life is more interesting now than ever before. You might not have all the options you want when you go out into the world for food but you do have the ability to control what you can eat at home.

Nowadays, there are many gluten-free food products available that will won’t let you feel like you are missing out. Take for instance, breakfast cereal. Cereal is the very definition of a gluten-rich product, a mixture of grains that contain gluten and enriched vitamins and minerals that provide a healthy breakfast. Now instead of missing out on cereal altogether, you can order gluten-free cereals or even gluten-free muesli and eat a tasty breakfast. The breakfast bar is also a to-go option that only existed in a gluten form so far but now we have gluten-free versions of this as well.

One of our favourite categories of products is gluten-free pasta. Pasta is another one of those products that are incredibly closely linked to wheat but the new pasta sources offer so many choices. There is a rice pasta, buckwheat pasta, vegetable-based pasta and even quinoa pasta, if you don’t like one, you can always try another one!

Bodybuilders and fitness-minded folks who have gluten sensitivity find that they are locked out of the popular protein supplement market because of gluten-based whey protein products. New sources of protein have been introduced to the market and you can now supplement your fitness routines with excellent food products.

Finally, we have a range of flours and ready-mixes that will enable you to create some of your favourite foods at home! Whether they are waffles or cakes or anything else, let our range of gluten-free products give you the lifestyle you want!