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Villa is Now Your Online Liquor Store in Bangkok

You never have to set foot in a Bangkok liquor store again, not when Villa Market’s entire alcohol can now be purchased online and delivered to your home. We have curated the finest selection of alcohol available in Thailand for our customers to peruse and purchase at their own leisure. Please keep in mind that alcohol purchases are subject to Thai law and we have special Terms and Conditions regarding alcohol such as Purchaser and/or recipient must be over 20 years old and ID must be presented on delivery of alcohol (for more Terms and Conditions click here).

It’s Time for a Toast

The social lubricant, the life of the party and the spark of the celebration, alcohol is always in great demand. The occasion might differ but when people choose to celebrate then the right drinks really set the mood. Whether it is hosting people for a party or just sharing a glass or two with a friend over a meal, choosing the right alcohol is something that only you can decide.

At Villa Market, we have gone to great lengths to get a truly comprehensive collection of different types of alcohol that will always keep things interesting. Just a night of poker with the lads? Maybe a fine bottle of whisky will do. A family dinner is completed quite well when paired with the right wine. Maybe you want to host a cocktail party and shake things up? Go ahead, order a few different liquors, mixers and ingredients and put it together at home with your friends.

Even if you aren’t a regular drinker and you do indeed drink socially, it is wise to stock a bottle of two of your favourite alcohol at home, in case you have a guest over for the evening. Alcohol is also a popular gift as well so even if you don’t drink at all, but you do have someone in your life who would really appreciate a special bottle of their favourite drink, order it from Villa Market and you will have the perfect gift in hand!

Putting together a liquor collection takes time, investment and patience but that does mean you get to sample all kinds of new drinks. Whiskey connoisseurs, for example, take pride in their collections and even among themselves there are sub-categories of collectors. There are some who only enjoy single-malts while others like Scotch Whiskey that they can share for every occasion. For the collectors or the fun-loving folks or anyone else in between, we believe there is a drink for you at Villa Market.

Our alcohol page can be sorted into multiple categories to help you browse through our collection easily. Make your choice and we’ll have your order sent over in no time at all.