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Airvida L1 - Pearl White

SKU# 0247147
Airvida L1 - Pearl White
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Features :
- With German design and plenty of Europe, Japan and US certified, the Negative Ion innovation in ible Airvida can generate more than 2 million negative ions every 0.6 second being an invisible mask around your face attaching airborne particles including PM2.5, smoke, droplet infection, carcinogenic formaldehyde, pollen, pet’s hair & dander and allergen.
- ible Airvida can effectively remove 99.9% of PM2.5, 96.8% of bacteria, 99.0% of formaldehyde and also help reduce allergy symptom.
- Perfect Balance for All-day Wearing. Light weight with flexible anti-allergy silicone material provides comfortable wearing.
- Protection, Anywhere, Anytime, as it can be used both personal wearable device and desktop stand, Airvida L1 can protect your breath all day.
- Light weight and long-lasting battery for all-day wearable
- No fan or filter. No maintenance required.

Specifications :
- Product Dimension (W. x H. x D.) : 16.9 x 13.3 x 6.1 cm
- Package Dimension (W. x H. x D.) : 18.5 x 15 x 5.5 cm
- Weight : 70 g
- Battery Life 32 hours
- Charging time : 3 hours
- Ion Generation : 2,000,000 ion / cm3 / 0.6 sec.
- Color : Pearl White

What’s included
- USB charging cable
- Brush cleaner

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