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Hair Towel & Turban Purple

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Hair Towel & Turban Purple
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What are our Hair Turban and Towel?

When I say "hair towel," I think of it as rolling my hair in a towel and pulling it on top of my head turban-style, allowing it to soak up the moisture while I walk to my bedroom to get dressed and it gives my hair dry quickest and gentles without damages.

1. MUCH FASTER HAIR DRY - After use, your hair dries 65% faster and becomes strong, healthy and intact!

2. PRACTICALLY AND WIDELY PROVEN - It is practically proven (more than 20 subjects) to help reduce damage to your hair and make your hair even smoothier, healthier and glowy.

3. EASIER TO STYLE - After use, your hair will be much easier to stylise and less time consumption.

4. TYPES AND SIZES - 17 cm. x 25.5 cm.

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