Gillardeau No.2 10 Pc.

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Gillardeau No.2 10 Pc.

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The famous Gillardeau Oysters of Northern France are a labour of love spread over four generations. For French poet Leon-Paul Fargue, eating French oysters was ‘like kissing the sea on the lips’. The Rolls Royce of Oyster.

Gillardeau known as the 
Queen of Oysters’ and oval in shape with a deep cavity this oyster is particularly thick-shelled, giving it a unique appearance. Gillardeau also has uncommonly juicy taste, rich flavor, and delightful lingering aftertaste.

  • Gillardeau Oysters No.2 
  • Box Set 10 Pcs
  • Mignonette Sauce Included
  • Lemon Included
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