IQ Air Air Visual Pro

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Iqair Air Visual pro

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See the quality of the air at real-time                           
The AirVisual Pro is a high-accuracy, comprehensive air monitor, providing real-time measurements of PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity                                            

Indoor & Outdoor Data                                              
Instant comparison of indoor and outdoor conditions via a clear 5” display screen so you can see your indoor air quality next to outdoor reading from the nearest official monitoring station.                                                               

3-Day air pollution and weather forecasts                   
Plan ahead to minimize pollution exposure and discomfort outdoors.  Keep you informed with air quality and weather data up to 3 days in advance.                                         

Alerts and health recommendations                   
Received notifications when air quality fails to meet standards.  Smart integration allows you to control smart home devices with action-based rules.                          

World map with air pollution news and educational resources                                                                   
Receive pollution data from more than 9,000 cities around the globe in a panoramic view.  Easy to access through application or website from your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet and personal compute                                    

Compact size and portable with a built-in battery  
Follow advice to lower your health risk and achieve minimum exposure to pollutants by stay up to date everywhere.  Easy to handle, light weight, compact size with built-in batter which can stay up to hours

Colour: White

Country of Brand Origin: Switzerland

Country of Manufacturing: China

Warranty 1 Years

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