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Iq Air Healthpro250 (hyper Hepa Filter)

SKU# 0238181
Iq Air Healthpro250 (hyper Hepa Filter)
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Advanced gas and odour removal

Patented V5-Cell filter provides the best solution for fas and odor elimination.  The granular media consists of a unique blend of activated carbon and impregnated alumina for the removal of a wide spectrum of gases and unpleasant odours, inclusing of TVOC, Formaldehyde,

Designed to deliver the purest air possible
Evenflow diffuser with 320-degree air delivery helps return filtered air into the room evenly in all directions

Unique 3D UltraSeal
The no-leakage design prevents air from escaping back into the room without being drawn through all filter system.  To ensure the best performance of air delivery and ultra-quiet while operating

Effective and approved filtration technologies
IQAIR HealthPro 250 features three independent filter elements to provide maximum filtration efficiency while ensuring that each filter stage can be replaced independently of each other to provide maximum filter yield and minimize replacement cost.

Colour: White

Country of Brand Origin: Switzerland

Country of Manufacturing: Switzerland

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