Santa Barbara Organic Unsalted Pistachios 340g

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Santa Barbara Oganic Unsalted Pistachio 340g
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Organic In-Shell Pistachios Flavors

Known as the “Original Home of the Flavored Pistachio,” Santa Barbara Pistachio Company has developed a unique process for roasting and flavoring our high-quality nuts. The result being a delicate crunch and a distinctively intense pistachio flavor. Naturally tree-ripened, Santa Barbara Pistachios are brined with 100% natural Organic ingredients to saturate the nuts with gourmet flavor. To ensure maximum freshness, our pistachios are then hot air-roasted in small batches daily. The low roast temperature never rises above 180 degrees, so our nuts retain their natural oils where their sweet flavor is derived.

No Salt pistachios are a natural favorite. Our cholesterol-free, US Fancy pistachios are slowly hot air-dried for enhanced flavor. Perfect for salt-restricted diets. All organic.

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