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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so buy cereal online from Villa Market and stock up for your morning meal. Countless studies have shown that eating the right food in the morning is a great way to begin your day as this vital window is when your body is most prepared to receive nutrition.

Not only does modern science endorse a good breakfast but so does folk wisdom, after all it is not a good idea to let your body go for so many hours without any food. You might not have a lot of time to wake up and cook in the morning but you do have 5-10 minutes and this is all the time you need to eat some delicious breakfast cereal that is packed with fortified nutrients that your body needs.

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When W.K Kellogg invented his new product, Corn Flakes, his idea was to make breakfast a healthy accessible food that provided nutrition right to the consumer. In fact, he was one of the first people to put nutrition labels on his products so that people understood what they were getting with each serving of cereal.

Now all these decades later, Kellogg’s cereals and the cereals of so many others have become the cornerstone of breakfast in many homes, providing that extra boost of nutrition and energy that people need to fuel them through the day. Breakfast cereals are also fortified with many vitamins and minerals that you might not get in a single day, so they act as a good complement to other meals where your nutrition might not be enough.

There are so many kinds of cereal today that you can choose just about any one of them and get great results. Grains such as wheat and corn are usually the main ingredients of any cereal but now you can get multi-grain cereal or bran cereal to name a few. In fact, there are many types of gluten-free cereals and muesli available for those who have a dietary restrictions.You can still enjoy the fun of eating cereal and not worry about gluten issues at all.

Another great food to eat in the morning is muesli. One of the most popular breakfast traditions that hails from Northern Europe in countries such as Germany and Switzerland, muesli is usually a lively mix of spelt flakes and grains with dry fruits. Most people in this part of the world, enjoy eating muesli in the summer, where they eat muesli with a helping of yoghurt rather than milk.

If you want something even healthier and more substantial than cereal or muesli then we recommend eating some freshly made oats in the morning. All you have to do is prepare the oats in water and/or milk and enjoy a slow energy releasing, high protein and fibre food that is extremely good for you. Spruce up your oatmeal with cut fruit, peanut butter, chocolate and cinnamon powder or a little bit of sugar.

If you have absolutely no time but don’t want to skip eating breakfast, grab a cereal bar on your way out the door. Cereal bars have all the same benefits as a regular bowl of cereal but they are just in bar form. You can carry them with you anywhere and eat them when you have a chance. Now you have no reason to miss out on breakfast or a healthy snack! Order breakfast cereals, muesli and oats from Villa Market and make breakfast your favourite meal of the day!