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Dairy Products, Eggs and Lactose Free Milk in Thailand at Villa Market

There are some staples such as eggs and milk that people need daily but what about those who need lactose free milk in Thailand? In the past, a trip to the grocery store meant that you had to choose from the regular brands of milk and eggs available in the shop but not much else. There were few if any options for people with specific dietary needs or for those seeking for high quality products.

At Villa Market, we understand that it takes all kinds of great dairy products to give people the choice that they deserve.This is why we have curated dairy products that fit all kinds of needs and we ensure that the eggs we sell are sourced from farms that follow excellent quality protocols.

Eggs and Dairy for Everyone

Food science has come a long way over the last century and human beings have fundamentally changed how they interact with food in this time. Key breakthroughs have been made in many fields and new observations have been made about allergies and dietary restrictions. Lactose allergies have become more common and prevalent, especially in South-East Asia and there are more people that are unhappy about the conditions in which their produce is attained.

Milk is now a completely new set of products as we have milk from various sources that do not contain lactose, varying levels of fat, protein and even flavouring. Lactose-free milk is now so easy to purchase that it is no longer a question of which brand of milk to select but which type of milk to select.

Plant-based ‘milks’ such as Almond milk, Soy milk and Nut milk are now all available for consumption. Almond milk is expensive but delicious and flavourful, especially as a drink on its own. Soy milk is cheaper but it is very versatile as it can be used as a milk substitute in certain cases (taste will vary). Nut milks are sometimes a blend of almond and other milks but they can be a really good option because some of these blends offer a lot of nutrition in one drink.

If cow milk is the source of the dietary problems, we also stock buffalo and goat milk, which provide similar experience to cow milk. Whey protein milk is a very popular drink for fitness conscious people looking to supplement their diets with a huge boost of protein.

Aside from milk, we also stock a range of dairy products. Buy different kinds of imported butter from Villa Market. We have salted and unsalted butter as well as margarine and even plant-based spreads. Milk drinks, smoothies and flavoured/unflavoured yoghurts are all available so choose your favourites and we’ll deliver them to you!