Le Creuset Balti Dish 24cm Marseille

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Le Creuset Balti Dish 24cm Marseille
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LE CREUSET BALTI DISH 24CM (Marseille) Product Weight: 2 kg

Tracing its roots to northern Pakistan, the balti is a deep, rounded cooking vessel used to prepare savory dishes similar to Indian curries. The pot's classic wok-like shape is ideal for marinating meats, stirring and tossing ingredients, then simmering to a rich, flavorful sauce for dipping naan and other flatbreads.

Made of cast iron, food is cooked evenly and retains heat longer when served directly onto the dinner table. Its satin black interior enamel allows for high surface temperature cooking, making it perfect for frying and deep-frying.

  • Rounded sides keep ingredients in the pot and help concentrate flavours
  • A flat base keeps the pot steady on the stovetop
  • Wide loop handles are easy to grasp, even with bulky oven mitts
  • Suitable for use on all stovetops - gas, electric, induction
  • Origin France
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