Zalto Denk Sweet Wine

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Zalto Denk Sweet Wine

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Product Detail

  • Captures the true essence and flavor of sweet/dessert wines with this beautifully hand-crafted glass.
  • The Zalto dessert wine glass celebrates the elegance and finesse that have led to a revival in the popularity of fine sweet wines the world over. Kurt Zalto particularly crafted the dessert glass to accentuate the acidity in sweet wines.
  • The Dessert thus delivers a balance between power and sweetness that makes a great dessert wine shine at its best.
  • Lead-Free. One (1) glass per order
  • Dimensions: 9- 1/8" H X 3- 1/3" Diam

It is recommended that Zalto glasses be cleaned in a dishwasher. Hand-washing can add pressure and torque to the bowl, stem, and base which can cause breakage and potential injury.

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