Latin Honey Shop Raw Organic Rainforest Honey 227 G.

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Latin Honey Shop Raw Organic Rainforest Honey 227 G.
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"A beautiful burnt brown colour, with the most amazing heady aroma like walking into a walled rose garden. The flavour has great length and offers delicate floral notes, with great depth."

"The aroma of this honey is intensely floral.You can feel the heat of the jungle in the aroma. The colour is of a light caramel. This is honey on steroids."

"Visually striking, the honey has a rich caramel colour and a toffee aroma and floral notes. It has a burst of flavours which melt in the mouth. It has an unusual aromatic flavour with floral and woody notes, with hints of bitterness."

It is a part-set part soft honey, with delicious melt-in-the-mouth crystals.


  • Tasting notes: Caramelised hazelnut truffle with mocha praline and a splendid lingering aftertaste of rose and dark chocolate
  • [Note: This honey does NOT contain any trace of nuts; it is pure, natural honey.]
  • Texture: Partially runny and partially crystallised set honey  
  • Aroma: Warm and woody
  • Sweetness: medium

This honey tastes delicious straight from the spoon, or mixed into cool water, it makes a nutritious and refreshing drink. It is tasty over toast or porridge, or with good quality yoghurt, fresh cream or ice-cream.

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