Fine De Claire Oyster No.2 10 Pcs.

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Fine De Claire Oyster No.2 10 Pcs.

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Fine de Claire Oysters are the smallest and perhaps saltiest. These famous oysters are from the Marianne-Oleron region on the French Atlantic coastline, the largest oyster-producing region in the world with a history dating back to Roman times. Immersing the oysters in shallow salt marshes and allowing time to do its job has provided these French oysters with their international reputation.

Fine de Claire is less fleshy and more juicy oysters with a balanced taste. The Fine de Claire oyster has a higher liquid content and a delicate salty taste.

  • Fine de Claire oysters No.2
  • Box Set 10 Pcs.
  • Mignonette Sauce included
  • Lemon included
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