Mother's Corn Complete Growing up set

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Mother's Corn Complete Growing up set
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• Made form corn, Good, Green & Safe.
• Durable, freezable and microwavable.
• This is a complete set for your baby. Perfect set preparation for your baby first meal & presents.
• It is all that is needed for a baby from weaning stage to toddler stage. It is a must have for your little one!

Set Features:
1. Feeding Spoon Step 1. Perfect for baby's tiny mouth and is ideal for baby's first meal.

2. Self Training Spoon & Fork set for babies and toddlers. The slightly bent shape is specifically designed to aid toddlers scoop and place their food into their mouth easily. It is very easy for little hands to hold with thick handle. Fork prongs have a rounded finish to avoid hurting baby while in use. Ideal for growing up toddlers.

3. Self training Mug. With Its edge lip around the cup helps children to drink without spilling. Non-slip silicone ring at the bottom to prevent slippage. The handle is perfect size for little hands!

4. 4 Way Snack Cup with Silicon lid is a multi-purpose cup. It can be use as mug cup or soup bowl (with two handles on both sides), non-spill snack cup (with the magic silicone lid preventing snacks from falling out) and food storage (use with air-tight silicone lid )

5. Happy Meal Plate because of it's deep section, it allows you to put any type of food you want! Ideal for multiple types of food without using many plates! It comes non-slip silicone ring at the bottom to prevent slippage.

6. Weaning bowl is good for all type of baby food. It has a perfect size for mums to hold and it has non-slip silicone ring at the bottom to prevent slippage.

• Do not sterilized this product, if you wish to sterilized rise with hot water

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