Mother's Corn Baby Food Pot

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Mother's Corn Baby Food Pot
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• Made from high quality 5 layers stainless steel 2.5mm thick, safe and free from harmful substance.
• Manufactured in Korea with the technology of Altenbach from Germany.
• High heat conduction.
• Compatible with various type cooker including induction cooker.
• Easy measure. Scale is clearly marked inside.
• Easy pour. Pot rim designed to minimizes any messy dripping when pouring out content.
• Safety lid & pot handle. The handle minimizes thermal conductivity making it safe and comfortable to hold while cooking.
• Welded pot & lid handles to ensure maximum strength.
• Steam release vent at the lid to prevent overflow.
• Can hold up to 1,000 ml of liquid.
• It is recommend that this pot should be use with Mother’s Corn Healthy Pot.

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