Royce Pure Chocolate Venezuela Bitter & Milk

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Royce Pure Chocolate Venezuela Bitter & Milk
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Royce Pure Chocolate

Beautiful texture, weight, and shape: everything is calculated to enhance the aroma and flavor of this indulgent chocolate. It come in 10 different varieties, each with different percentages of cacao. Each box contain a set of two flavors - 20 pieces of each - for total of 40 individually wrapped morsels ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pure Chocolate Venezuela Bitter & milk

Specially wrapped in zesty orange to celebrate Valentine’s, Venezuela Bitter and Milk Pure Chocolate contains the perfect blend of milk chocolate and creamy cacao discs bursting with pure chocolate flavour. Venezuela Bitter contains 69% cacao whilst Milk contains 43% cacao.

Storage Temperature: Below 25°C

Contents: 40 pcs (20 pcs each) 270g

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