Iqair Atem Car -black

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Iqair Atem Car -black
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Clean air, clear mind, safe drive
The ultimate air purifier for your vehicle cabin                  

How it works
The IQAir Atem is an incredibly powerful, yet quiet and compact car air purifier. It is able to clean the air in your car up to 20 times per hour and capture a wide range of road and in-vehicle air pollutants.    

Headspace™ technology
Global pollution levels from heavy vehicle traffic have reached an alarming level, increasing the risk of cardiac, respiratory, and neurological damage. Atem Car quickly and efficiently distributes clean air to the cabin’s headspace and helps to shield you and your passengers from diesel soot, and gaseous pollutants.                                                  

High-capacity, centrifugal design                                     

A centrifugal fan at the center of the system draws in cabin air through a combined particle and gaseous filter that wraps 270 degree around the fan for maximum removal of harmful air pollutants from the air. The Atem Car is designed to deliver clean air to where it matters most – the passenger’s breathing zone.                                             

Smart features
Sync your Atem Car with the Atem mobile app to allow you to customize fan speed settings and activate a built-in child lock with just a few taps on your touchscreen. The app also monitors your filter life and uses built-in intelligence to turn the Atem on and off with your car.

Colour: Black

Country of Brand Origin: Switzerland

Country of Manufacturing: Germany

Warranty 1 Year

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