Iqair Atem Desk - White

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Iqair Atem Desk - White
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Pure air made portable
IQAir transformed its patented technology so it can be taken anywhere. Say goodbye to stuffy, dusty hotel rooms. Never before has air filtration at this incredible level been available in a portable, personal air filter. The IQAir Atem is truly revolutionary.                                                                

Air Guidance Technology
Your Atem's PureJet diffuser allows you to create a clean air bubble. While some room air purifiers may take hours to clean the air, the Atem immediately delivers clean air to where you need it most – your breathing zone. Direct the PureJet diffuser and blanket yourself in pure air. Your IQAir Atem gives you unprecedented control of the 25,000 breaths you take daily.                                            

Advanced user interface
Sophisticated, yet simple to use. The IQAir Atem puts you in total control. Sensors respond to your touch, turning the Atem on, off, and changing fan speeds. The size of the blue light tells you the fan speed. After the third fan-speed level, a single touch will turn it off.                                    

Download the Atem app
Unlock extra features for your Atem with the app. Sync your mobile device and you can turn your Atem on and off, as well as control the fan settings.To save energy and preserve filter life, the proximity sensor signals your Atem to turn off when you walk away.

Colour: White

Country of Brand Origin: Switzerland

Country of Manufacturing: Germany

Warranty 1 Year


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