Royce Nama Chocolate Ghana Bitter Gift

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Nama Chocolate Ghana Bitter Gift
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Royce Nama Chocolate

 A fine, delicate combination of selected chocolate and fresh cream with a hint of prestige liqueurs. ROYCE' Nama Chocolate; velvety smooth, melts in your mouth, followed by refined flavours that are simply irresistible. We offer many kinds on a regular basis. Seasonal Nama Chocolates are made in limited quantity.

Royce Nama Chocolate Ghana Bitter Gift   Liquor Free

Featuring the prominent aroma and strong flavour of Ghanaian cacao, this soft chocolate ganache does not contain liquor, which helps to suppress any sweetness in the cacao. Mixed with fresh Hokkaido cream, the bitter tang of Ghana cacao ensures a bittersweet taste and an excellent acid-bitter balance.

Storage Temperature: 10°C or below

Content: 20pcs (125g)