Norbest Fully Cooked Turkey 12-14

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Norbest Fully Cooked Turkey 12-14รับ

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Norbest Roasted Whole Turkey is roasted to perfection, deliciously seasoned, moist and juicy. This perfect gourmet entree is ready to reheat and eat or can be served cold making it easy to prepare for any occasion, big or small.

Cooking the Turkey

  1. Optional: Create a bed of vegetables in your roasting pan OR use a roasting rack. By lifting the turkey from the bottom of the pan, air and heat is allowed to encompass the turkey resulting in a crispy bird all the way round. Another benefit to this is it allows drippings from the turkey to fall over the veggies, producing a brilliant gravy. We recommend a layer of carrots, onions, and celery.

  2. Place the turkey in a roasting pan, atop a rack if desired, with wings tucked under and with the pop-up timer (if applicable) unobstructed. Fashion a loose foil “tent” to place on top of the bird. This covers the breasts, preventing overcooking of this tender area. 

  3. Roast in your 325°F preheated oven. Roasting will take about 15 minutes per pound if unstuffed. See Turkey Calculator for approximate cooking time based on bird size.