Piper Heidsieck Cuvee Sublime (nv)

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Ph Cuvee Sublime (nv)
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Cuvée Sublime

Rich and Delicate

Tasting notes

50-55% Pinot Noir

30-35% Meunier

15-20% Chardonnay

10-20% reserved wines

Dosage : 35 g/l


This sumptuous delicacy is draped in gilt glistening with tiny flecks of pure gold. Here you have a seductive Don Juan's smile that entices you with its classical charm, the intricate gold details of the Palace of Versailles, the joy of a rustic picnic with friends on a sunny day, and the comforting softness of a cashmere sweater warming you up on a windy seaside.


As the tasting goes, Cuvée Sublime sensually displays its romantic charms, captivating you as its fragrances of vanilla, rum, tropical fruits and roasted pineapple gradually become unleashed.


Making a graceful entrance, Cuvée Sublime is a dashing partner with which to conclude your celebration meal. Intensely flavoured cooked fruits, from gently flambéed pineapple and orange to slightly caramelized pear, delight the palate in a deeply smooth praline-lined embrace.

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