Piper Heidsieck Rose Sauvage 750ml

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Ph Rose Sauvage (nv)
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Rosé Sauvage

Perfect Union Between Red And White Wine...

Tasting notes

50-55% Pinot Noir out of which 20-25% vinified as red wines

30-35% Meunier

15-20% Chardonnay

\10-20% reserve wines \

Dosage : 10 g/l


Chardonnays from the Montagne de Reims come together with Pinot Noirs of Les Riceys in the Côte des Bar, the most southerly Champagne vineyard. The result is a deeply intense performance that engrosses you from the first sip. With an incisive attack, juicy berry fruits in the middle-palate, spiced and smoked notes in its stunning finale, this champagne is a mischievous delight. Ideal to be served with duck à l’orange and other red meat dishes


In keeping with its colour, aromas of dark berry fruits pervade the senses. Imagine blackberry, blackcurrant and strawberry all scattered on a golden platter edged with mandarin orange and finished with exquisite traces of saffron.


Its dazzling appearance brings to mind a shiny ruby. Its deep scarlet colour - almost poppy red - symbolising the perfect balance between strength and elegance, comes from the red wines of Les Riceys in the Aube department.

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